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Classic Sonic 3D Adventure

A fan game made in the blender game engine and gimp. 

Classic Sonic 3D Adventure

The game:

Introducing Sonic BG a short project that I'm working on. It has a very different art style and gameplay from the norm, however it is very interesting in it's own way. This game have a lot of inspiration from Sonic Lost World and Mario 3d World game. It was the general look that I was going for and feel. The game will have platforming, team work, and speed. 

The story:

 In objective to stop Dr. Robotnik to take control over all the flickies is this unusual world. Dr. Robotnik latest evil device suck Sonic and Tails to some other dimension taking everything they know with them. As the best option, they have to stop Dr. Robotnik and save all the flickies to bring them back to their original world!



SAGE release:

Version 1.5 Window 32Classic Sonic 3D Adventure 32bit
Version 1.5 Window 64Classic Sonic 3D Adventure 64bit


Release 1:

Version 1.2 Windows 32

Version 1.2 Windows 64Classic Sonic 3D Adventure 64bit

Version 1.2 MacintoshLink soon.

To Chishado Games

 12/25/2014 Window OS: 
Please note that these were early test demos of the game for debugging... 
  Alpha  2.50 Christmas Special 

 Classic Sonic 3d Adventure 64bit DOWNLOAD

 Alpha  2.50 Christmas Special 

 Classic Sonic 3d Adventure 32bit DOWNLOAD

do aspect bugs 8/4/2014 Windows OS:

 Alpha 1.01 Classic Sonic 3D Adventure 32bit DOWNLOAD


 Alpha 1.01Classic Sonic 3D Adventure 64bit DOWNLOAD


 Alpha 1.01 Classic Sonic 3D Adventure 32bit  lowres DOWNLOAD

 8/ 8 /2014 Windows OS:

fixed some of the bigger bugs. not as buggy. 

 Alpha 1.20 Classic Sonic Adventure 64bit DOWNLOAD

 Alpha 1.20 Classic Sonic Adventure 32bit DOWNLOAD 
 Alpha 1.20 Classic Sonic Adventure 32bit lowres DOWNLOAD